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On Track

Posted: August 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

We are getting ready to track my new Cd in September. I’ve already been spending lots of time in the studio making changes and “scratch tracks”! It’s getting really exciting!!!  Hopefully, I will remember the camera so that I can document all the fun. Please keep me in your prayers as we work on this project.  Stay Tuned!


On the Road Again

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Can’t wait to get on the road again making music with my friends.  The band and I are headed to Antioch Christian Church for a weekend of worship and fellowship. I can’t wait to see what GOD has in store for the youth, the pastors and us.

                                                       Loading up the trailer with all of our equipment, merch, and air mattresses.

Please pray for traveling mercies as we travel, and that we would glorify God in all we do. Pray that the worship and messages be annointed by HIM and that many would come to know HIM and grow closer to HIM in their daily walk.


Posted: July 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am on vacation with the family in Panama City Beach.

This is the view from the Condo…I could get used to this!

We ate on the pier at Pineapple Willy’s on the first day here. It’s a really cool place.

We went to the boatyard and checked out all the boats.

Had fun at the go-kart track with my brother Shek…He thinks he won!

We had some family beach photos made too.

My brother, sisters and me….

The Fam

I heard that my friend Scott England was in town too with my friends from Crossroads Baptist Church so I went down to the Christian retreat center and visited with them. It was great fellowship with Scott, Shane, and Ike.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for today!

Fun in the Sun

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

In between working, camps, practicing, and getting ready to record, I’ve worked in a little fun in the sun.

Swimming in Lake Jackson

Being on the Lake is always a great way for me to relax and refocus…

My Sisters

My brother

Yesterday I went to the zoo with the family. It was fun but HOT!

Roaring lion…I think he was just mad because he was in the sun…he got up and found a place in the shade and went back to sleep.

The Gorillas

It’s always fun to visit the zoo with the sibs and the grands…the parentals are not pictured here.

I hope everyone is having a great summer. In the meantime, remember to watch and share my youtube videos with your friends and family. Also, I am working on a Battle of the Bands for the fall. Let me know if you want one of the remaining spots! A great prize  will be awarded to the winning band…

God Bless America

Posted: July 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

The fourth of July! It was an exciting day! I enjoyed a bbq lunch with my family and then we all headed out to Stone Mountain Park to see the Laser show and fireworks.  I was just over at Stone Mountain a few weeks ago for Atlanta Fest, but did not get to see the Laser show then. We used to go all the time when I was a little kid.

Stone Mountain Stone Mountain Park, Stone Mountain Georgia

Met up with Spense and his family and friends…they saved us a spot on the lawn!

My sibs and me

There was a huge crowd at Stone Mountain Park…and there was a little rain too.  There was storms all around us, But God held the storms…it only sprinkled on us as we headed to the car.  Once we got to the car it poured, but no major lightning like any other parts of the city.

Been coming to this rock for a long time…

I had a great time with friends and family on the 4th. Hope you had a great Independence day too.

Praying God’s blessings on everyone!

May God bless America.

Practice Practice Practice

Posted: July 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Practice Practice Practice…that’s what I’ve been doing in my spare time this summer. I have been taking guitar lessons from THE Shane Cole. He has been challenging me and I love the challenge and I love working with him.

New Scales

Practicing the beast…

Pickin’ exercises…

major 6

My lesson is Wednesday….let me get busy. I must Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!

Leading Worship

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Last Sunday, my band and I were asked to lead worship at the McDonough Christian Church where I am a youth~worship leader. I am always blessed when asked to lead worship. I love leading worship everything else in life simply fades away for me and my focus is Jesus. I am so blessed to be His and pray He uses me daily to bless His name!

It was nice to see some familiar faces that I have not seen in a while. Two of my music professors came to hear us. Both Hunter and I were glad to see the Cartwrights.

Over the past year, the band has some new faces. It has been important to know many wonderful musicians who I can call to play when there are conflicts in everyone’s busy schedules. I am blessed to have folks like Harrison, Spenser, Hunter, Daniel, Patty, Dayton, Ryan, Megan, Jesse, Clark,  and Kyle who I can call to play with the band.  And Cody B. is the best sound guy in the world; he always works his sound magic giving us a great mix. Thanks guys!

Leading worship is such a blessing to me…it fills me up.  My cup overflows. Come worship the Father with me. See you in church Sunday!